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Faith in Financial Crisis - by Terrie Thorpe

“Trust God in all circumstances” was the theme of a recent sermon. I quickly accepted the challenge, I had no idea how quickly testing would begin. Working for a local convenience store with rumors of closing soon became a reality. A fortunate few transferred to other stores, which I found myself in that group. I was happy to continue working, even if the store was in the worst part of town. My husband refused to allow me to work night shifts, which were required; I had to make a choice. After several attempts to negotiate, I had to let the job go. I knew in my heart that it was the right thing to do.

Soon feelings of guilt rushed over me like a tidal wave. With the loss of an income, fear tormented me with further loss; we were just making ends meet with two incomes. I could not go back on my word to my husband or God. I began to cling to all the times the Lord had brought us through other difficulties, I was not going to quit now. My hope was renewed which gave me strength “With Christ all things are possible,” I kept reminding myself.

With new courage, I freshened up my resume, brushed up on my interviewing skills and starting applying for jobs. I knew the Lord would provide me an awesome job. With every, “Thank you for your application, but…” notice I received, I reaffirmed my commitment to God, knowing that he would present the best opportunity for me. The testing was brutal and it was hard to hold on. After several months, my husband’s job was threatened. A great fear arose in my heart, but I felt the Lord say, “trust me.” I held on with every ounce of faith and courage I could muster.

When my husband’s job was lost, my faith crashed to the ground. I could not understand how this could happen. Through the tears and confusion, I kept hearing the Lord say to my heart, “Trust me, I will provide.” This encouragement kept me going, I somehow knew that he would do all he promised me.

I had no idea that this change was part of God’s plan for me. While I waited for that perfect job, the Lord encouraged me in my passion, writing. I started working on a manuscript I had started years before. With his direction, the manuscript was complete in two months. I began a Blog to share my passion in writing and teaching. Pursuing publishing is another daunting task, but I have learned where the Lord leads he provides. The blessings abound during this time to serve and minister to others who have suffered as we have.

The Bible talks a lot about courage, strength, soaring on eagle’s wings; but faith is only real when it is tested! The Lord has grown my faith, love and joy in ways I could not imagine. I know that the Lord will continue to lead us according to his plans.



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