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WELCOME to Job To Joy!
We are here to encourage, inspire, and inform you.

Job Transitions can be times of spiritual growth and renewal.

Times of Transition can pull us from our comfort zones of the status quo, reducing the busy pace that overfills our lives and often drowns out God’s voice.

Job Transitions may be blessings in disguise as they tend to open our minds to new possibilities, and create a desire to seek God for answers to our questions.

Life Transitions may provide us with the time to seek God through Bible reading, prayer, and quiet listening for God’s leading toward the next step in our lives.

  • Perhaps you are considering making a job or career change.
  • Perhaps you have already left your job for health or other reasons.
  • Perhaps your job downsized to part-time, or removed your position.
  • Perhaps you retired and are rethinking your decision, considering volunteer work, ministry, or another new venture.

Leaving a job, no matter whose choice it was, can create mixed feelings:

  • a loss of identity
  • financial worries
  • an excitement of freedom
  • a fear of the unknown
  • curiosity about untried interests

So, look around our web site for the inspiration, information, and ideas that can help you move to the next step during your Transition.

Have a great story about your transition? Check out our writer’s guidelines to see how to share your story with other readers.


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